This entire series is dedicated to all the strong, powerful and unstoppable women
who do not succumb to societies evil eyes.
Lauren Bowmen, Rupi Kaur, R.M Drake, R.H Sin are few of my many favorite poets who inspire me to
draw something that is real and raw.
- - -
Things To Never Forget
“Love does not look like a person
Love is our actions
Love is giving all that we can 
Even if it’s just the bigger slice of cake
Love is understanding 
We have the power to hurt one another
But we are going to do everything in our power to make sure we don’t 
Love is figuring out all the 
Sweetness we deserve 
And when someone shows up
Saying they will provide it as you do
But their actions seem to break you
Rather than build you
Love is knowing who to choose.”
- Rupi Kaur
 I can dress to accentuate
My most feminine parts
I can dance
Naked on the streets
I can celebrate the beauty 
That is my body
Without giving any man
The invitation 
The consent 
The right
To touch me
- Lauren Bowmen
Some self lovin'
"Her confidence in her body
Her ownership of her sexuality
Are not invitations
But proclamations 
That she does not 
Need you"
Lauren Bowmen
I would rather have the remnants of misspoken words
Smeared across my lips
Than to choke 
On the truths 
I wish, I had said 
I will wear them like lipstick. 
Lauren Bowmen
“Be so bold
So confident
That people stop questioning you
And start
Questioning themselves.”
Lauren Bowmen
You joke about my body
being too much to handle.
Thighs and hips
too thick for your hands.
Ass and tits
too juicy for your mouth.
But boy
it isn’t my body
you need to worry about.
it’s my mind.

It will eat you alive.
Lauren Bowmen
The Only Way Is Up